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Corruption Resources

The resources have been selected from respected international anticorruption institutions. Access them using the organizations’ links.

U4 Anticorruption Resource Centre

  1. Corruption in natural resource management
  2. Understanding corruption and how to curb it
  3. Corruption in the education sector
  4. Corruption in human resource management
  5. Corruption in the police sector
  6. Corruption in the health sector
  7. Corruption in justice and security sector


  1. Anticorruption and Integrity in the private sector
  2. Corruption in the public procurement
  3. Corruption
  4. International drivers of corruption
  5. Private sector anticorruption approaches
  6. Corporate anticorruption drivers
  7. Combating corruption in state-owned enterprises

Transparency International

  1. Impact of corruption on healthcare delivery
  2. International corruption trend analysis
  3. Corruption perception index
  4. Anticorruption advocacy plan
  5. Corruption risk in defense institutions

United Nations Development Program

  1. UNDP policy against corruption
  2. Tackling corruption
  3. Anticorruption toolkit
  4. Corruption and development
  5. Anticorruption practices

World Bank

  1. Anticorruption in transition
  2. Corruption as an impediment
  3. Corruption and development
  4. Drivers of corruption
  5. Corruption effects on administration
  6. Enhancing government transparency

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

  1. Corruption prevention
  2. Anticorruption toolkit 1
  3. National anticorruption strategies
  4. Safeguarding against corruption
  5. Anticorruption toolkit 2
  6. Anticorruption course model
  7. Corruption survey manual
  8. Global corruption program

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